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"Are There Different Kinds Of Female Orgasms?"

Clitoral, Vaginal, G-Spot, and Ejaculating Orgasms

Female orgasms aren't as simple as men's orgasms, but that's not to say they're complicated.  There are a few different kinds of female orgasms, often stemming from different types of stimulation.  While some orgasms are stronger than others, most women find that clitoral orgasms are all they will ever experience, which is easily the most common kind of orgasm, and the easiest to reach.


Clitoral Orgasms & Vaginal Orgasms

"How Can I Have a Clitoral Orgasm?"


The most common type of female orgasm is achieved by stimulating the clitoris.  The clitoris is the female equivalent of a male's penis head, and is highly sensitive to stimulation.  As women become aroused their clitoris swells up with blood, becomes more sensitive and at the same time it retracts under it's clitoral hood.  With enough stimulation through pressure, rubbing, or a vibrator, the ultra-sensitive clitoris will cause the release of an orgasm.



"What is a Vaginal Orgasm & How Do I have One?"


Vaginal orgasms are a bit more of a mystery.  The definition of a vaginal orgasm is any orgasm that occurs through stimulation of only the vagina, and not the clitoris.  While there are no specifically sensitive parts like the clitoris inside a woman, a small percentage of women claim to experience stronger orgasms through vaginal intercourse as opposed to clitoral stimulation.  There have been theories about a special "G-spot" that causes some women to orgasm, but there has never been any definitive proof.


A newer theory about vaginal orgasms and G-spot orgasms suggests that the clitoral nerves extend much deeper than researchers had thought before.  If the clitoral nerves pass through the vaginal walls while being routed back to the spinal cord, there is some belief that this could be the source of vaginal sensitivity and orgasms.  This could also explain the different feelings women describe after experiencing a vaginal orgasm.


Female Ejaculation Orgasms

"How Can I Have A Vaginal Orgasm?"


Female ejaculation orgasms are rare, but the women that experience them describe a very strong, very deep powerful orgasm.  Some people wrongly believe that the ejaculate is urine, but it is actually a clear watery liquid that is believed to come from a gland just inside the vaginal opening called Skene's glands.  Not much is known about female ejaculation or why some women seem predisposed to it while others can never ejaculate during orgasm no matter what they try.


Different Female Orgasms For Different Women

"Is it Possible to Enhance My Orgasms?"


The different kinds of female orgasms help us understand that all women are not the same and have different pleasures.  Understanding what orgasms are and how they work is one of the first steps towards a better sex life for women.


If you're unsure if you've never even had an orgasm, or if you believe that you want stronger orgasms, it might be time to look into a supplement or topical cream for women.  By increasing blood flow to your genitals you can increase your sensitivity, as well as enhance the strength and length of you orgasms.

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