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Ejaculating Orgasms in Women

"How To Have Female Ejaculation Orgasms"

Probably the most intense kind of female orgasm is when the woman actually ejaculates a clear, viscous fluid during her climax.  Although many people don't believe that these orgasms exist, there is a small percentage of females that can achieve what is known as a squirting or gushing orgasm.  These orgasms are rare, but the women that have experienced them describe them as very deep, very powerful orgasms, often accompanied with a different feeling when compared to clitoral stimulation orgasms.  We intend to dispel any myths about female ejaculating orgasms, including how they occur, who has them, and how you can try to make yourself ejaculate during your orgasms, if you so wish.


"What is Female Ejaculation?"

How Female Ejaculation Works, What Ejaculate Fluid Is


Even today, female ejaculting orgasms are a bit of a mystery.  The occurance of female ejaculation is nothing new, as even Aristotle referred to it, as have other researchers through history.  Little attention was paid to female ejaculation until recently though, and now a better understanding is getting closer all the time.


The biggest current mystery about female ejaculation is the source of the fluid.  It's theorized that the fluid comes from a gland on the anterior wall of the woman's vagina, very close to where the mysterious G-spot is located.  These glands, called the Skene's glands, are the female equivalent of a man's prostate gland.  With enough proper stimulation, these glands release a viscous, clear, watery fluid when a female orgasms.


The fluid that comes from the Skene's glands has been examined in laboratories and it should be noted that it is not urine.  It not only comes from a different place than urine, it's a completely different composition.  In the fluid, researchers found: glucose, fructose (both sugars), PSA (prostate-specific antigen), and very low levels of urea and uric acid (both common ingerdients of urine).


"How Can I Ejaculate With My Orgasms?"
Female Ejaculating Orgasms Aren't Easy to Come By


There is no guaranteed method of bringing on an ejaculating orgasm.  In fact, it seems that some women are predisposed to ejaculating during their orgasm, while other women can never seem to release fluids when they climax.  It's not necessarily a new phenomenon, but the research into female ejaculations is young and incomplete.


The women that have experienced ejaculations during orgasm usually describe a different kind of orgasm when compared to a clitoral orgasm.  Most females find that ejaculate is brought on by aggressively stimulating their G-spot at the same time as their clitoris.  Many women describe having to "bear down" during their squirting orgasm, almost pushing out like they're urinating (but it should be noted that it is NOT pee coming out during ejaculation).


Multiple Orgasm Enjoyment for Women

All at Once, or One Successive Orgasm After Another


It should be noted that these orgasms are often described as very intense.  Some women can't enjoy the feeling, and will never want to ejaculate ever again.  Some females might find the copious amounts of fluid that are ejaculated to be offensive.  It's a personal thing, and those that enjoy female ejaculating orgasms claim that it's pure bliss that can't be compared to any other type of pleasurable experience.


Female ejaculation orgasms are rare, and powerful orgasms that only a small percentage of women will ever experience.  Although there is no specific technique to bring one on, many believe that simulatneously stimulating their clitoris and their vagina at the same time can bring on female ejaculating orgasms.

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