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Female Multiple Orgasms

"How To Have Multiple Orgasms For Women"

Multiple orgasms - there's something about the phrase that conjures up both excitement and confusion.  A lot of mystery surrounds female multiple orgasms and we intend to debunk any myths about them.  The purpose of this article is to explain what multiple orgasms are, how they work, and how you can try to learn how to have multiple orgasms for women.



"Who Typically Experiences More Than One Orgasm?"

Men and Women, Young and Old - There are No Requirements


Here's one of the most misunderstood facts about multiple orgasms - both men and women can have them.  Men don't necessarily have to ejaculate to have an orgasm, although that's the most common type of orgasms for men.  Women of all ages can experience multiple orgasms.  There are no special requirements in order to be able to achieve female multiple orgasms, but keeping an open mind and having a healthy sex life are both helpful when you're trying to learn how to have multiple orgasms.



What Are Multiple Orgasms?
All at Once, or One Successive Orgasm After Another


This is one of the more misunderstood aspects of multiple orgasms.  There is a belief that multiple orgasms happen all at once, with different kinds of orgasms all occurring at the same time - clitoral, vaginal (G-spot), but this is not what multiple orgasms are.  While a very strong (single) orgasm may involve the different kinds of female orgasms, multiple orgasms are by definition happening at different times.


Typically, after a female reaches the climax of her sexual response cycle and orgasms, she is finished and has a refractory period while her genitals relax (as blood leaves).  A multi-orgasmic woman has the ability to attain more than one orgasm in succession without a refractory period.  In other words, she can reach climax more than one time without a break between orgasms.  Many women find that their genitals and clitoris are extremely sensitive immediately after an orgasm, and she can no longer tolerate any more contact due to this increased sensitivity.


Multi-orgasmic females can reach at least two successive orgasms without a refractory period, while women have the ability to keep going and going until they've experienced enough orgasms to tire themselves out.  Most women that have experienced multiple orgasms had to learn how to have more than one orgasm, and many of them were self taught.


"How Can I Learn How To Have Multiple Orgasms?"

Multi-Orgasmic Teachings


It's easier for some women to become multi-orgasmic than others, and it appears that some women might never manage to experience multiple orgasms.  The first thing to consider is your comfort with your sexuality.  If you're uncomfortable with sexuality, you will be fighting an uphill battle trying to have multiple orgasms.


Most women that have experienced multiple orgasms explain that they learned what they like to do during sex, and the carry that to the next level.  More often than not, clitoral stimulation is the key to achieving more than one orgasm, but many women find that their clitoris is too sensitive after their first orgasm to consider continuing stimulating.  This is where being comfortable with your sexuality is important, and being able to maintain the right frame of mind to try to bring on another orgasm.


As every woman is different, you'll need to find out what works for you.  Try to set some time aside and get comfortable with yourself.  Find out what you really like, and what pushes your buttons.  After you've climaxed once, slowly maintain your stimulation and try to keep the right frame of mind that you had just before your first orgasm.  You might need to change your method of stimulation for the second orgasm to come through.  Try to learn what works for you, and always try to maintain the right frame of mind.  It will take some practice, but the results can be mind-blowing.



Multiple Orgasm Enjoyment for Women

All at Once, or One Successive Orgasm After Another


Multiple orgasms for women aren't necessarily for everyone.  Some women experience them, and others don't.  It seems that not only is your technique important, but so is the right mindset for achieving more than one orgasm after another.  Females that can attain multiple orgasms often do so only while masturbating, when they are in complete control or their stimulations and have no distractions.

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