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Problems With Vaginal Dryness?

"Causes and Cures For A Very Common Female Complaint"

One very common complaint we hear from women is about vaginal dryness during sex.  A lack of lubrication secretions will most often lead to dry, painful sex, which in turn leads to a decrease in sexual activity.  There are a few things that women can do to prevent or avoid dryness, but first we'll give a short explanation on what causes this common problem.



"What Causes Vaginal Dryness?"

Hormones, Age, And Sexual Health


Most often, women first start experiencing vaginal dryness as they enter menopause.  Perimenopause and menopause, as most women know, can wreak havoc on their hormonal balance.  Estrogen levels drop significantly during menopause, which directly impacts female secretions.


Stress can also negatively impact feminine secretions, as can childbirth.  It's not uncommon for new mothers to experience vaginal dryness during intercourse.


There are also a number of other factors that can impede proper secretion production for sexual intercourse, so having a checkup with your doctor for a proper diagnosis is never a bad idea.



How Can I Prevent Vaginal Dryness?
Products: Hormone Therapies, Formulated Lubricants, Gels, & Creams


If you suspect you've been suffering from low vaginal secretions, you have to assess your health.  Most usually it's nothing to worry about, but in some rare cases it might be a sign of underlying medical problems.


If you're experiencing perimenopause or menopause, your hormone levels (especially estrogen) are probably starting to fluctuate.  If you believe this to be the case, our #1 recommended supplement for regulating hormone levels for women is Provestra.  For more information on Provestra and how it helps regulate female hormone levels, read our Provestra review.


If you want to improve your feminine dryness right at the source, there are a selection of good lubricants available.  We recommend Vigorelle to our readers, with good reason.  Vigorelle is medically approved and was created by a team of doctors.  It has received many accolades from women, as well as the medical community.  Read our Vigorelle review for more info, or go directly to the Vigorelle website to place your order.


What makes Vigorelle so good?  It is a 100% safe and natural lubricant created specifically for women, and was formulated to enhance and increase female sensations during sex.  As well as being a very good lubricant (no stickiness), the 100% natural ingredients in Vigorelle actually increase blood flow (and therefore sensitivity) to the clitoris and genitalia.  It is easily the best female lubricant that we have ever found.


Final Thoughts and Tips for Improving Feminine Dryness

A Part Of Life That You Can Avoid


While our #1 recommendation would be to try Vigorelle, there are some other things you can try.  If you think you might have problems with your hormone levels, you should bring this issue up with your doctor.


Other factors that can help alleviate vaginal dryness:


  • increase your water intake - dehydration can cause feminine dryness

  • determine if you have changed any body products lately - soaps, etc

  • if you're not already, take a women's multi-vitamin

  • try to avoid douche

Quick Links:


You can read our Vigorelle review here, or go direct to the Vigorelle manufacturer's website to order.


Read our Provestra review, or order Provestra direct from the Provestra manufacturer's website.


Both of these products can be very helpful at alleviating vaginal dryness for women.  Vigorelle works directly as a feminine lubricant, while Provestra will help balance your hormone levels.

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