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Female Sex Cream Products & Reviews

Women's Topical Creams For Increased Sensitivity

We have found many female sexual enhancing creams on the market, but only a few of them are efficient at increasing sensitivity for better orgasms.  We have found the best product available is Vigorelle, but whenever we review products we take the following considerations into account:

  • performance: is the product safe and effective?

  • is the product doctor or clinically approved?

  • service & support: do they stand behind their product?

  • is there a full money back guarantee?

  • *bonuses: are there any special bonuses included?

*Some products even come with free bonuses to improve your sex life.  For instance, both Provestra and Vigorelle offer a powerful, multi-speed 'bullet' style vibrator.

Best Female Sensitivity Enhancement Cream:

Our #1 Recommended Sexuality Cream

Also Highly Recommended

HerSolution Gel website


#1 HerSolution Gel



HerSolution Gel image



More Info Order Here

Top Two Female Sex Drive Supplements Compared:

Current Top 2 Vigorelle HerSolution Gel
Typical Results Enhanced sensitivity that you can feel immediately, better lubrication, increased orgasm sensitivity, stronger orgasms. Better lubrication, enhanced sensitivity for orgasms.
Reputation Excellent Excellent
100% Natural? Yes Yes
Support Excellent Very Good
Doctor Approved Yes --
Guarantee 60 days (+1 week for return) 6 months
1 Bottle/Pump $60 $49.95
Bonuses Ultra HairAway spray, HGH supplement, or MiniTouch Vibrator --
Where To Buy? www.vigorelle.com www.hersolutiongel.com

Also Recommended:

Provestra Sex Drive Enhancer For Women


#1 Supplement For Increasing Women's Libido.


Comments:  Provestra is formulated to increase female sensitivity for enhanced stimulation during intercourse and increased orgasm strength and length.  The ingredients increase blood flow to female genitals, much like a Viagra for women.

Cost: $50.00

Guarantee: 60 days.

Read our Provestra review for more information about Provestra for Women, including ingredients, faq's, testimonials, and the special Bonus Offer.


Learn how you can order Provestra online, by fax, mail, or live operator via phone: CLICK HERE NOW!


Top Female Sensitivity Increasing Cream Reviews


Many women experience either vaginal dryness during intercourse, as well as a lack of sensitivity in their genitals.  Vigorelle is formulated to increase your sensitivity during sex by drawing more blood flow into the genitals and enhancing overall feeling.  It doubles as a lubricant, so if you already use a lubricant, why not upgrade to an orgasm enhancing cream?

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